S2简介 Brief

米文S2是一款嵌入式人工智能计算机,能够为各类终端设备赋予人工智能的能力,降低终端智能的开发门槛。米文S2搭载了移动处理器——NVIDIA Jetson TX2,并提供主流人工智能算法模型的加速SDK,是最适合边缘计算的高性能平台。

MiiVii S2 is a fully-featured embedded platform for AI computing. It provides both high processing capabilities and high energy efficiency. MiiVii S2 brings artificial intelligence to terminal devices. MiiVii S2 carries one of the most powerful mobile computing module, NVIDIA Jetson TX2. In addition, a variety of algorithms are provided on S2 platform, especially in the field of computer vision.

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