Lite NX简介 Brief

米文Lite NX是一款专为智能图像分析设计的嵌入式人工智能计算机,能够为众多终端设备赋予高达21Tops的计算力。Lite NX提供高效能的被动散热设计,能够在宽温的工作条件下稳定运行。同时Lite NX可以满足抗振防雷等工业标准,为整体方案的安全稳定保驾护航。为了满足场景的需求,Lite NX特别设计了多路PoE+接口,方便现场布线以及供电传感器的应用。

MiiVii Lite NX is an embedded AI supercomputer. It delivers massive computing capabilities and essential features to terminal devices. High performance passive cooling design enables Lite NX working in wide temperature range. With shock resistance and TVS, ESD protection, Lite NX is suitable for industrial usage. In addition, Lite NX is equipped with multiple PoE+ port which make it easier for field deployment.

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