EVO Xavier简介 Brief

米文EVO Xavier是一款专为工业场景设计的嵌入式边缘计算设备。它搭载的NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier能够以30W的低功耗提供高达 30Tops的算力。EVO Xavier采取高效能的被动散热设计,可以在苛刻的工业环境中稳定正常工作。同时鉴于其紧固的嵌入式设计,可以达到很高的抗振等级。 EVO Xavier提供了丰富的I/O功能,特别为工业视觉场景提供了PoE+与隔离DI/DO等接口,可以满足多种专用传感器的接入需求。同时EVO Xavier还在内部设计了多种扩展接口,提供更多通讯以及存储扩展方案。

MiiVii EVO Xavier is an embedded edge AI platform designed for industrial application. It Supports NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier, featuring over 30TOPs in INT8 for real-time inference. Thanks to MiiVii’s passive cooling design, EVO Xavier is capable of effectively dissipating the heat generated by the GPU, and guarantees system operation of up to 60°C ambient temperature. MiiVii EVO Xavier equipped with various I/O interface such as PoE+ and isolated DI/DO. In addition, EVO Xavier also features massive expansion port to enhance accessibility.

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