Apex Xavier简介 Brief

米文Apex Xavier是一款嵌入式人工智能计算机,能够为众多终端设备赋予人工智能计算力,从而有效降低人工智能产品的落地门槛。Apex Xavier可以在满足抗振防水等工业级标准的同时,提供高达32Tops计算能力,能够很好的满足低速无人驾驶等场景的视觉计算需求。除此之外Apex Xavier还可提供高效的多传感器时钟同步功能与基于主流的AI算法加速SDK。

MiiVii Apex Xavier is an embedded AI supercomputer. It delivers massive computing capabilities and essential features to terminal devices. With shock resistance connector and waterproof desion, MiiVii Apex Xavier is suitable for outdoor usage. In addition, MiiVii Apex Xavier offers clock synchronization function and a variety of algorithm acceleration SDK.

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